Social Responsibility

For preval, social responsibility means doing our bit not only for our own company, but also for society and the environment. Voluntary contributions to the sustainable development of our social environment are something we view as natural, and we are delighted to regularly support a variety of social projects and institutions.


Nestwerk provides open spaces precisely where they are needed. In deprived areas of big cities, children and young people are often short of sport and leisure facilities. Indeed many have problems in school and at home, experience poverty and neglect and feel they have no prospects. Nestwerk offers them not only free sport and leisure opportunities, but also support in the search for training places. preval supports the work of Nestwerk in this regard by regularly offering internships to young people with a view to training places, as well as through donations and support for various activities, such as the “Legends Day”.


Lebenshilfewerk Pinneberg is the organisation behind the Eichenkamp workshop for the disabled, and is one of the biggest employers in the Pinneberg area. The organisation provides rehabilitation and employment integration services for predominantly mentally disabled people, offering training and jobs. preval supports the work of the Lebenshilfewerk with a number of cooperative measures in the processing of packaging and small-scale assignments.